About Minwynn

minneaHi! You can call me Minwynn (Jones), though that’s not my real name. I’m a writer, publisher and vegan. I’m also crazy about tech, graphics and 3D worlds and I love to write.

“Not under the thumb of the cynical few”

Only when the victims are nonhumans would anyone dare to defend a decision to harm others as a personal choice to be respected.

You think you are the last of the unicorns, and your heart flutters whenever someone says the word “vegan”. You think, “Maybe there are others out there…”

Creepy Cabin

We have moved (temporarily) back to Sweden and I get to start all over again with packing stuff, this time from a house, not an apartment. Anyway, while I was packing everything in the apartment and cleaning up a bit (I will use a professional before I turn it over to the owner again), we had to stay somewhere else, or all my work would have been undone by the kids right after I finished with the cleaning. We found a nice place down by the sea. There was a great view over a narrow channel of the sea right outside the town. Beautiful sailing ships passed by once in a while. Not that I got to see much of that, but I did get a few nice photos.

Anyway, the online booking system wouldn’t allow us to rent one cabin for all of us, even though we can fit in quite nicely, since the kids are so young and will normally sleep with us. So we had to take two. One of them was – creepy. Maybe there was just something wrong with all the doors. Maybe. The doors that didn’t have working locks (they had been painted over) and no keys, kept locking themselves anyway. All the time. We were able to get out eventually, of course, but it was unpleasant. We decided not to sleep there but left some of our luggage in there to keep it away from curious kids. Whenever I went back there to pick something up, the doors that I had left closed, were open. Once the bathroom door slammed shut, just like that. Was it haunted? I don’t know. Maybe the doors had swelled because of the sea air, but the other cabin didn’t have that problem at all and it was much closer to the shore.

While we were inside the cabin or right outside, we didn’t feel any sense of foreboding. Nothing. It was just those odd incidents that made us uncomfortable. And naturally we weren’t there at night or alone. I don’t know if that would have made a difference. In the time we were there (very late in the season) I don’t think anyone else stayed there. It may not have been needed. Or the owners might only put guests there when the whole place was full.