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minneaHi! You can call me Minwynn (Jones), though that’s not my real name. I’m a writer, publisher and vegan. I’m also crazy about tech, graphics and 3D worlds and I love to write.

“Not under the thumb of the cynical few”

Only when the victims are nonhumans would anyone dare to defend a decision to harm others as a personal choice to be respected.

You think you are the last of the unicorns, and your heart flutters whenever someone says the word “vegan”. You think, “Maybe there are others out there…”

The test results are in!!!

kartaAfter a really really long time, the results of my dna tests came in. So far we haven’t found out that much yet. We have found several new third cousins that we will contact now :). We also found out that, apart from a Scandinavian ancestry, which wasn’t all that surprising, we also have some Irish. Now we need to find out where the connection is. Perhaps we can even find relatives still alive.

Next step is to contact potential relatives and to get our raw data analyzed. That way we can find out even more.

In any case, I’m really happy right now 🙂

Why do vegans allow vegetarianism to define veganism?

I agree completely. Just one thing: in many countries the definition of vegetarianism is exactly the same as that of what we call veganism, which adds to the confusion.

Exposing the Big Game


Shake hands, declare independence 

We must end our non-critical acceptance of vegetarianism’s influence and power over veganism. Though unintentional, vegetarianism will continue to harm and subvert veganism’s progress until vegans stand up to claim and control veganism’s definition and affirm that it is an entirely different belief system and way of life. It’s been this way so long that it may not be obvious, but it’s there for all to see.

By definition, vegetarianism allows the option of consuming animal products, which is a direct and open acceptance of the violence and endless harm it does. In the minds of its practitioners, vegetarianism is an intention to create good as an improvement in one’s health, a belief it will stop the suffering and killing caused from eating flesh, and perhaps to believe it is a temporary place for transition to veganism. Those assumptions…

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25 Vegan Sources For Calcium

When folks find out you don’t eat dairy, after they tell you they’d die without cheese they often will ask how you get enough calcium in your diet without milk products. The dairy industry has done a great job marketing milk as the best way to build healthy bones, but you can actually get calcium from all sorts of plant-based sources, and they’re often better for your bones than dairy products!


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