Veggie links

Definition of veganism

Definition of animal rights

Care2 – Green community with free e cards that help save the rainforest, free donations, petitions and much more…


Greenpeace International

Vegan Outreach, USA

VeggieConnection – Veggie dating site

Veganism Community, LiveJournal – excellent vegan resource site and nice community

Basic vegan info

Vegan Guide

Blog about Tibet

Blog with vegan recipes

Vegan Explosion

Vegan Wine, Beer and Liquor

Veganacious – Join the Revolution

Veganise Me – Peace begins on your plate

Animal Rights,

The Post Punk Kitchen: Vegetarian & Vegan Baking with No Attitude

Animal Rights Concerns

This Dish is Veg – veg*an, animal rights, eco-friendly news


Veganism in a nutshell

Info about vitamin B12 for vegans

Fur Free Retailer – list of companies that are fur free.

Take part – News and Lifestyle coverage on Environment, Animal Rights, Social Justice and more…

Happy Cow Vegetarian Blog

Happy Cow List of Veg*an restaurants and Natural Health Food Stores


Go Cruelty Free, products from your country

Vegan Chat Room, Directory, Forum and more

Captain Vegan Vegan recipe search engine


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