Vegan’s protest leads town hall to ban kids’ song about fox being shot

A small town in Hesse has removed a children’s song about a fox stealing a goose from its repertoire of town hall bell melodies, after a vegan resident became quite upset.


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How to Throw a Vegan Party!

Throwing a party is an art. Well, maybe not an art, but it’s a talent and not everyone has it. Depending on the type of party you’re having, you should be able to throw together the basics j…

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‘Annoying’ Vegan Denied Swiss Citizenship Over Animal Activism

A Dutch woman has been denied naturalization in Switzerland, all because her animal rights activism has made her unpopular with the locals. Despite living in Switzerland since she was eight and having children with Swiss citizenship, Nancy Holten’s lifestyle “annoys us,” said one citizen.

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It’s not fair, but I really think she should consider moving her family to live somewhere nicer.


VeganStart is a fresh, new approach for anyone interested in taking a first step towards veganism, and aids supporters with  vegan advocacy tools. Breakfasts are relatively easy meals to veganize; what better way to start the day?

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