Vitamin B-12 Deficiency [infographic]

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Vitamin B-12 Deficiency [infographic].

This is extremely important, especially for vegans and vegetarians. If you get a vitamin B-12 defiency, you can die – or suffer brain damage and/or nerve damage. But don’t let that stop you from becoming a vegan, if that’s what you want. Omnis can easily get Folacine deficiency, with almost identical symptoms, from not eating enough vegetables, so the important thing is to eat a healthy diet.


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“Not under the thumb of the cynical few”

Only when the victims are nonhumans would anyone dare to defend a decision to harm others as a personal choice to be respected.

You think you are the last of the unicorns, and your heart flutters whenever someone says the word “vegan”. You think, “Maybe there are others out there…”