Donations and petitions

Most of these sites are in English. Even the ones that are not, should be fairly easy to understand. If there’s any doubt, try moving your cursor above the button or link you think you should click. Most likely you’ll see the word ‘click’ hover over it. If all else fails, you can always try an online translation site.

Free donations
The Hunger Site
ACTU Animaux – French animal rescue organization, click on the white links on blue background to help save cats, dogs, horses (and donkeys), wild animals and educate the public about animal abuse and ways to stop it, as well as working against bull fighting, you can click five times on each page
Click for the forest
Climate Balance – Swedish site, click on the big button in the middle to slow down global warming by eliminating 10 kg of carbondioxide.
Oaks of the World
Race for the Rainforest
Wastes site – Clean your country!
Solve Poverty
Por los chicos Click to feed children in Argentina
Clique semi-àrido Click to preserve water
The Solar Site
Japanese page where you can help children.
Hungry Children
Okruszek – Polish site where you can feed hungry children
Pajacyk – another Polish site where you can help children
Polskie serce – another Polish site, contribute to new equipment for heart clinics
Big Cat Rescue
Barking Mad, Dogtown South Africa – feed homeless dogs and cats
Clic Animaux – French site, feed hungry animals
Free Kibble – feed hungry shelter dogs
Free Kibblekat – feed hungry shelter cats
Land Care Niagara
Die Waldseite Click to save rainforest
Click to Give

Sign Petitions
The Petition Site (Care2)
The Hunger Site (and others, follow the links on top of the page)
Online Petition Spot
ForceChange Petition to change your world.
Avaaz – The World in Action, campaigning community.
One International – Fighting against poverty.


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