Should we be worried about iodine?

The pro-dairy lobby are grasping at straws now… the latest attempt to scare people into gulping down the white stuff focuses on iodine.

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How to Make a Vertical Planting Tower

When growing one’s own food in urban and suburban settings, space is often at a premium. Consequently, it is good practice to consider the vertical space available, such as growing container gardens on shelves or using balcony rails as trellises for climbing vines, say green beans or cucumbers. The point is to maximize the square footage of floor space by expanding upwards rather that outwards.

One of the best methods for doing this is creating vertical planting towers, and these — as we’ll explore — come with some additional nifty benefits.

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Two People Dead? Plus 7 Other Great Reasons Not to Eat Cheese

Need some reasons not to eat cheese? Well, two people have died and six have been hospitalized after contracting listeriosis from Vulto Creamery cheeses. The company announced a nationwide recall of four types of soft cheese, and the Food and Drug Administration is investigating. In February, 10 other cheese companies recalled products over concerns of listeria contamination.

In addition to listeriosis, here are seven other gut-wrenching reasons why cheese is uncultured.

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