6 Ways to Get Your Children to Eat More Vegetables

Getting your kids to embrace vegetables is an art form and, sometimes, a war.

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In our case it’s more that they sometimes don’t want to eat anything at all, or certain vegetables at certain times, but this looks like useful tips for anyone who wants their children to eat more vegetables.

Two People Dead? Plus 7 Other Great Reasons Not to Eat Cheese

Need some reasons not to eat cheese? Well, two people have died and six have been hospitalized after contracting listeriosis from Vulto Creamery cheeses. The company announced a nationwide recall of four types of soft cheese, and the Food and Drug Administration is investigating. In February, 10 other cheese companies recalled products over concerns of listeria contamination.

In addition to listeriosis, here are seven other gut-wrenching reasons why cheese is uncultured.

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Baltimore Harbor’s Trash-Eating Wheels Will Steal Your Heart

In case the world needed another reason to care about water pollution and environmental issues, Baltimore has added googly eyes to the mix.

In response to trash overwhelming Baltimore’s harbor on the Chesapeake Bay, two so-called trash wheels were put in place to “eat” debris. These wheels have names, internet personalities, and heart-warming googly eyes.

Mr Trash Wheel

Meet Mr. Trash Wheel and Professor Trash Wheel.
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