When exploring the neighborhood, I’ve discovered some abandoned buildings and houses. They are fascinating and sad at the same time. You can’t avoid wondering about why they were abandoned. Did someone just got tired of them or did someone die?

House 1

This one looks as if there’s been a fire.

House 2

The former owner seems to have packed and just forgotten about their stuff and left. There were boxes and bags filled with books and other things.

Old warehouse

This has a worn out beauty. I wish they could restore this to its former beauty. Could become an art gallery or a cool house.


Did they just start to tear this place down and stopped without finishing it?

Sleeping beauty

This beautiful house was almost covered with trees. There was only a small path into the garden. The place seemed to be sleeping just waiting for is owner to come back. What happened here? Why was it abandoned? There were curtains in all rooms and seemed to be furnished. Only the garden seemed to cover it like the sleeping beauty it was.


This old stable would hopefully be possible to be restored to its former glory.


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