Tooth problem

This Wednesday, when I was on my way back on the bus, a sharp pain just hit one of my teeth and spread all over that side of the face. A really awful pain. When I got home I tried every pain killer I had, but nothing worked. After a sleepless night, with awful pain, I called the dentist and was able to go there the same day.

He wasn’t able to find anything wrong with my tooth and just sent me home with ‘stronger’ painkillers. Those didn’t help either.

After another sleepless night I went to the doctor. He was able to find a crack in my tooth. To prove it to me, who actually felt the pain all the time, he pressed the tooth really hard and I almost fainted from the pain. Very nice of him – not.

The best thing was that he actually prescribed new pain killers for me, morphine based one, actually work. The only downside to them is that they are giving me a headache. One that I can’t get rid of since I think it wouldn’t be good to mix these strong meds with other meds.

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