This Bud’s For You! – Alert from House With a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary

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Budwesier Budwesier

budweiser 1

Budweiser is so adorable — I just love hounds. Hoping someone would love to have this senior fellow. Here’s the scoop on Budweiser:

Time is running out for Budweiser — he needs a new home immediately.
Budweiser appears to be made of the best parts of Beagle and Basset, rolled into one adorable package.
It’s hard to imagine this beautiful dog is a stray, who wound up at the Gloucester, Virginia animal shelter. He is totally laid back and lovable. He was treated successfully for Lyme disease, and has had close calls but not yet found a permanent forever home.
Although he’s in a shelter situation, we’re pretty sure Bud is housebroken since he knows exactly what to do when he’s taken out of the shelter for a walk.  And he gets along great with every human and pet he meets.
Older pets like Budweiser never seem to get…

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