OT: Would anyone like to try out Open Sim?

I have made it simple for you.

First visit this page.

Get an account. Pick a name you can live with, but since it’s free, you can get a another if you really don’t like your name.

Then visit this page.

This is where you choose your viewer. It’s like a web browser for 3D worlds.

I like to use Singularity, although some people find it a bit too ‘old’. I like it because it’s stable.

Install the viewer and start it. Log on with your account name, first and last name, pick Craft-world in the list. If you’ve picked a viewer that doesn’t list Craft-world, comment here and I’ll tell you what to do about that.

Once you’ve logged on, click the button Map. In the window next to the search-button type: Luna Fiori Centrale, that’s my region. There you’ll find the basic avatars I’ve collected.

Left click the cone or triangle next to the bot you prefer. Click wear clothing now, then buy. Done!


Do come back and let me know how you’re doing and what your name is. :)


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