Last Sunday I joined Ban Animal Trading’s (BAT) demonstration against the reptile expo. held at a local “events” centre.

In South Africa these reptiles are seen as exotic pets, as they often come from other countries.

This trade in exotic pets is unregulated.

These reptiles are bred in captivity or trapped in the wild and then sold by unscrupulous people.


The fashion industries also exploits reptiles:

Every year millions of reptiles are farmed or hunted only to be skinned for fashion items.

According to Occupy for Animals,

Python shoes, boots, belts, jackets and skirts are being fashioned from snakes’ skin and items made from exotic skins come with a high price – and that it’s paid by the animals who are torn away from their jungle homes and cruelly killed; this illicit trade can even have terrible consequences for fragile eco-systems around the world.

Snakes killed for their skin are often…

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