Brazil wants to fell millions of trees for aluminum – we say NO!

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8 thoughts on “Brazil wants to fell millions of trees for aluminum – we say NO!

  1. no offense, but why not? America is reforesting its landscape, and if we could introduce our new methods to Brasil, then perhaps they could create new jobs, and growth, and at the same time become more independent. right now we have to pick which is worse, the crime rates of kidnappings, drugs, slavery, and rape and murder, or the felling of trees that will inevitably come back? This may not sound nice, but all plants who offer fruits in the wild, tend to survive. The plants that don’t fall away. I love diversity and plants, very much trees, but I love people more. I would choose you over a tree.

    • On the other hand, it would be hard for people to live without plants and when people spread, plants and wildlife retreat. Until one day, when we won’t have anything but starvation and war.

      • That is a good point, if we strip our planet of life, we won’t have any life left to rely upon. But we do reforest, and we always improve, if given time. Consider animals that we eat. If we do not advance to the point to where we can make meat/protein substitutes that are healthy for us, we will always be animal eaters. But in the past, we couldn’t make substitutes, things had to advance for us to be able to do this. We are creatures that evolved from meat eaters. Meat gave us proteins that helped us think better and survive better. Thus we could take care of ourselves better, and we did. In two hundred years, we may not have a chicken or cow farm left on the planet, if we allow ourselves to advance. Population control can be done ethically with safe birth control chemicals, before people make love. But until those methods are improved, chasity before marriage is a great help to us, but no one wants to teach that because there are people who want instant gratification more than patience. Patience would have saved a lot of people from stds in the past that killed thousands, if not millions. We are reforesting, and we are studying. And there are greedy people that we have to fight, but we do fight. We do lose many times, but we also win. The people in South America have a chance to advance, to become stable and in a way, more ethical, if they are given enough leisure time to do so by advanced society. Twenty years ago, the only time we heard about the need to save the rain forests was through liberals in the school system. And it always sounded so heartfelt and pleading that it was easily dismissed as emotionalism. But now that we have advanced and have leisure time, people on the internet discover these same facts nearly a million times a day. And it has influenced people like you. Life does seem to be a mixture of pros and cons, good things and lesser evils. I don’t like the fact that they are trying to destroy the Amazon forest. But when their children have time to grow and learn and soak up knowledge, they can repair the damage done to it. All around the world, there are people keeping whole countries uneducated, because in the end, knowledge is not only healthy, it is power. And they don’t want to share power. You have more power than you think, your words influence more people than you think. I am privileged to have talked with you here about these things, because in truth, you fight the dark things in life just like I do. It makes me not feel so alone. Thank you.

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