NPR: Vegetarians DO Make a Difference –

Life or Lunch?

Cow-Kiss-copyLast week we learned that the average meat-eater will consume 7,000 animals in a lifetime.

That staggering number leads many to ask how much difference vegetarians make in the grand scheme of animal suffering.

A recent NPR article featured interviews with animal activists Paul Shapiro, Bruce Friedrich, and Alka Chandna to determine just what impact vegetarians have on the meat industry.

To illustrate, all three cite the simple supply-demand principle: by not supporting the meat industry vegetarians reduce demand, and consequently, reduce supply.

“This convergence in Paul, Bruce and Alka’s answers underscores the view that animal rescue is not as much about filling up sanctuaries with animals saved from slaughter, as it is approaching our entire food system with fresh eyes,” the article states.

From statistics on resource expenditure to personal anecdotes of serving food in a homeless shelter and growing up on a limited income, the three also…

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