Serbia: Snezana and Boka, the Unsung Heroes of Animal Rescue

journalists for animals


Written by: Milica Petrović

Help is needed primarily for food to ensure the survival of 72 souls (42 dogs and 30 cats) in Novi Sad, Serbia. We need dry food, canned food, vegetables, old bread, flea and parasite medication for dogs and powder for cats…anything.

Have you heard of NOVA NADA (Poppyland) from Novi Sad, Serbia? Of course you never heard of them. They have been helping abandonded animals for the last 17 years and never asked for anyone’s help. But, the situation has become alarming.


Seventeen years ago, friends Boka Laslo (59) and Snezana Zelelnika (45), both Shiatsu therapists by profession, began to rescue abandoned, sick, injured, and disabled cats and dogs from the streets of Novi Sad. They brought them to their homes: some went to Snezana’s apartment that she is renting, and some went to Boka. They nursed them back to health and sterilized, vaccinated, chipped, fed…

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