Factory Farming: Battery Hens

Rantings From a Virtual Soapbox

Battery Farming

End Battery Farming


Look at these tiny chicks, living beings packed in boxes as though they were inanimate objects.

Battery Farming has officially came to an end here in the UK and in Europe but not all members countries have been compliant:

Millions of hens in Greece are still kept in barren systems. Take action for hens by calling on the Greek Government to enforce the law.


Please take the following action:

Battery hens continue to suffer elsewhere, including the USA where roughly 95 percent of all eggs in the U.S. still come from caged hens , Australia where 11 million ‘battery’ hens are confined to small cages in which they are unable to perform most of their natural behaviours and elsewhere.

21 Things the Egg Industry Doesn’t Want You to See

Including tiny chicks ground up while they are still alive!!

Read more – Includes disturbing images

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