20 Everyday Superfoods You Should add to Your Grocery List NOW!


1. Apples

Containing the nutritious fiber known as pectin, apples are an incredible food for your brain and body. They have been linked to a lower body weight, lower cholesterol, an improved mood, and improved heart health. A fun fact you might enjoy is that the tarter the apple, the more antioxidant it contains, so go with those Granny Smiths a little more often! All apples are great source of Vitamin C, potassium, and help keep you full longer than sugary drinks and processed foods. Just try to choose organic since they’re the number one item on The Dirty Dozen list for foods highest in pesticides.

2. Avocados

Not only are avocados low in pesticides, but they’re absolutely full in nutritious benefits. From B vitamins to Vitamin E, protein, fiber, and potassium, avocados improve your health in more ways than one. They can help prevent sugar cravings, lower stress, add…

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