Richard Linklater Debuts ‘Veghood’ For PETA | Ecorazzi

Life or Lunch?

richard-linklater-592x399With the Academy Awards ceremony just days away, director Richard Linklater, nominated for “Boyhood,” spoofs his flick for a good cause.

In 2002, the Texan filmmaker began a 12-year commitment to a project that would eventually become his highly-acclaimed movie, “Boyhood.” But 30 years ago, Linklater made a much more important commitment: to become a vegetarian, which he showcases in a new video for PETA called, “Veghood.”

“So it’s been over 30 years since I first went vegetarian,” says modern-day Linklater. “By my calculations, that’s over 3,000 animals saved, so that’s pretty cool. And also apparently it’s been pretty healthy. Look — I don’t think I’ve aged at all!”

The video kicks off in 1985 — the year Linklater went veg — and though he doesn’t physically change, Linklater, the precise director that he is, ensures his wardrobe and props reflect the times. For example, look out for the…

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