#Infographic: Cat Bed Or Your Bed


Hello everyone,

We received this cute inforgraphic from www.terrysfabrics.co.uk (The sell all things house and home in the UK)

Of course we let our two sleep with us! Can’t lock out the family. ❤

Cat’s like nothing more than finding a warm and snugly place to sleep – for them your bed provides all the necessary things to make their life a breeze. You can act as their pillow, their warmth provides, a leaning post – cat’s love leaning! What’s more when they’re on or in your bed they have someone close by to play with and annoy, after all why should you sleep when they want to play or be fed!

Take a look at our infographic and you’ll see that your bed may not be the peaceful place of rest and relaxation you hoped for! But, if you’re a feline lover you’ll put up with any annoyance just…

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