1,000 Cats Saved From Being Sold for Meat and Fur in China Thanks to the Internet! | One Green Planet

Life or Lunch?

cat7-1200x742Wildlife trafficking, sadly, is concept that most people are familiar with. But, you might be surprised to know that the trade of domestic animals also occurs across the world. Yes, by domestic animals we mean dogs and cats!

In China, an online group of pet lovers recently helped to thwart the sale of 1,000 cats – both domestic and wild – who were destined to become meat and fur in the north-eastern province of Liaoning. Police in Liaoning, believe that these cats were stolen from their guardians by a group of six people who had been observed in Dailian City searching for cats at night time.

After noticing a spike in cat-nappings in the city, a group of citizens set out to discover who was behind the disappearance of their beloved pets. Taking to social media, residents of Dailian were able to share details about their missing pets…

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