German Vegan Supermarket Shoots for 60 Stores by 2020 –

Life or Lunch?

db8bc4f9889c0d4083b0da02252fba5f_XL-2According to a recent article, Veganz, the first all-vegan grocery chain in Europe, is set to expand due to popular demand!

The author explains, “German vegan supermarket Veganz believes it has found a niche with its type of store as turnover is growing spectacularly and it already has 9 stores.”

She also highlights the fact that Germany is home to over 7 million vegetarians and is experiencing an increasing demand for plant-based products. The ambitious owner of Veganz is now boasting a goal of opening 60 stores by 2020, including a store in Portland!

With the growing popularity of vegan foods, the planned expansion definitely makes business sense. In fact, earlier this month, The Guardian reported on the entrepreneurial prospects presented by the growing market for humane plant-based foods.

But booming vegetarian populations aren’t the only reason for this change in the market.

As plant-based eating flourishes, private investors…

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